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A man’s penis: problems beyond the age of forty

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How does a man’s penis change with age? And what are the problems that can hit him with time? Let’s find out what the experts have to say in the following article:

It’s no secret that a man’s sexual performance deteriorates with age, so what’s going on? And what are the problems that occur to a man’s penis after the age of forty? Here is the answer in the following article:

Causes of a man’s penis weakness and sexual performance with age
A man’s penis and sexual performance are affected negatively with age due to some reasons, such as:

The level of testosterone decreases, and thus sexual arousal becomes difficult.
It takes longer to get an erection and orgasm after a man feels aroused, and after an orgasm it is difficult to get excited again.
A decrease in the quantity and quality of sperm.
The incidence of erectile dysfunction or impotence problems clearly associated with age.
Exposure to a gradual decline in the functions of the urinary system, as the flow of urine in the man weakens over time as a result of weakness of the bladder muscles, as a result of the enlargement of the prostate gland, for example.
A man’s penis changes with age
A man’s penis undergoes significant changes when a man passes the stage of peak sexual performance after around age 40 for most and reaches middle age. These changes include:

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